The Last Wedding

Why is the title “The Last Wedding”? Because I’m not going to another wedding for a long, long time. But more on that later.

It was my… I honestly have no idea what our relation actually is but it was someone in the family’s wedding. The theme was pink, white, and black. And I think there was a little bit of Disney thrown in there somewhere. At least the pianist was playing Disney’s Greatest Hits when I got there.

I’ve decided that the best parts of weddings are the vows. I’m not exactly religious, so sitting there listening to all the God stuff bores me. But vows? They are so… romantic! Especially the hand written ones. If I ever get married, I am making the dude write his own vows whether he wants to or not.

The groomsmen got to wear these custom made Nike Airs. They are actually nice shoes! So much better looking than the ones that the bridesmaids had to wear~ I didn’t even take a picture of their shoes…

The reception was at a country club, I think. To be entirely honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going. I was busy primping #vainkid

Anyways, on to my story about why i am not going to another wedding for a long time. I went to go get my food and then I was heading back to the table. I had to walk around the buffet table because there was a shit load of people in the line up behind me.

Liddat. So I had to go around in front of the doors. Guess what happened as soon as I walked by? Yeah. I got completely nailed and my food got ALL over my dress. #FML MAX

It looked really bad because it was white sauce… And my dress was partially black, so it all showed… And it smelled like fish…

People who didn’t see my epic fail must of thought that I had some sort quick with someone with a nasty STD. yum, just the impression I love to give people!

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School’s out… forever?

So after 12 years of waiting for this to come, school is finally over. But the thing is that it doesn’t feel like it’s over. I feel like I’ll be right back in school in a couple of weeks and this is just a vacation. It’s surreal.

All this grad stuff – banquet, commencement, safegrad – took no time at all to get through… I always felt like grad would be this huge momentous thing in my life and it in a lot of ways it was. But it all went by so fast and it feels like I didn’t even really get to experience it all.

It’s sad that school is finally over. You spend so much time getting used to the schedule and making friends and then BAM it’s all over. There are so many people that I never got the chance to meet and so many people that I wanted to get to know better. School was the place to do all that stuff and now that it’s over, the opportunity is gone. /sigh

Such a bittersweet feeling.

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Grad Date Dance

Sooooooooo grad is next week… holy balls.

I’m excited!!!
but there’s one thing that’s kind of giving me the blues…

Grad Date Dance

So the beginning of the dance part of banquet starts off with a parent/grad dance (which I totally understand) and then a dance for the grads who have dates…

Are the people without dates supposed to just sit there and watch all the happy couples? Pretty sure I don’t want to have my face rubbed in the fact that all those people managed to get dates and I DIDN’T fts!! It’s like everyone who planned this dance thing all had dates and they wanted to flaunt it in the lesser people’s faces… thank you, assholes! Because I didn’t already feel lame enough.

I don’t see a singles’ dance in the itinerary… equality please! I mean, throw the single people a friggen bone. We deserve a chance to find some sort of other person! Usher told me that the DJ gets people falling in love, so it’s entirely plausible. Usher’s word is law.

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3 days of clothes

So I recently came into a shitload of clothing. All for free.Some of it I came by legitimately – my grandma gave it to me. But the rest of it is a little more sketchy. Not like illegal sketchy, just morally sketchy.

My brother’s girlfriend was moving houses or some shit liddat, I can’t really remember, and she stored a ton of her clothes at my house. She ended up moving to another, her and my brother broke up, and her clothes were still at my house…

She never asked for them back and she didn’t take them with her to her new city, so… I ended up taking them. I mean if this shit’s going to be sitting in my house and no one’s going to claim it, I want it. Who doesn’t want free clothes?!

So Miranda, if you’re reading this, sorry. I’m jacking your clothes!

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New Camera!

So a long time ago I blogged about how I wanted a new camera but I was too ghetto to get one. Guess what?! I got one!

It’s an Olympus E-PL1 and it’s toooooooooo sick! I made my cat camwhore for me since I was too lazy to fashion myself up. So here’s a few pictures taken with the new camera!

I’ll go on a camwhore festival later~! I had a fashion revolution, so look forward to it!

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So Osama Bin Laden is dead

As like every person in North America knows, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

It bothers me so much to see all of the people who are CELEBRATING his death. People are ridiculously happy that the big bad boogeyman under their bed named Osama. I saw a newspaper the other day with a picture of his face and the caption “ROT IN HELL!” Uh… aren’t newspapers supposed to be objective?

What exactly makes people think that it’s all right to be happy about the fact that someone was MURDERED?

I don’t support what he did at all. But that doesn’t justify all the happiness about his death. He was just fighting for what he thought was right. Those were his beliefs, his morality. No yours or mine. And what makes our beliefs the right ones?

Why are people so jacked about his death?! Seriously. He had a family too. He had people who cared about him too. And now he’s dead and these people don’t have him anymore.

What if your son or husband or friend was murdered? And I was happy over that fact? He could have been the biggest asshat in the world, but that doesn’t give me the right to blatantly rejoice over the fact that he’s dead.

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5 woes of Kimpodia

This is going to be a long, ranty, angst filled post, so be prepared.

5. Math.
I have a midterm on Wednesday and I forgot to bring home my binder with all my notes in it… fack. And it’s a long weekend, so I’ll only have one day to study. To say that I’ll do badly is an understatement.

But really, what is the point of Math? Beyond adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing and counting, what are the odds that you will ever use what you’ve learned in daily life? Pretty slim to none.

If I was an engineer or something, I could see myself using it. But guess what? I’m not and I have absolutely no aspirations to be one and I’m guessing a majority of the population feels that way too. So what the hell is math mandatory until grade 11?

I’m positive that I will never need to find out what a triangles angles/sides equal, or use F.O.I.L. or B.E.D.M.A.S., or use parabolas. Ever again.

4. My cat.

I love my cat, really I do. But for the past month, he’s been the bane of my existence.

He’s gone into heat, which is the most annoying thing. All he does is meow and howl. The worst thing, though, is that he attacks me. Constantly. I’ll just be petting him or something and out of no where he’ll go psycho and start attacking me. Then, I’ll toss him away from me or smack him or whatever and 5 minutes later he’ll come back and want to be pet and then the cycle starts all over again. It’s ri-fucking-diculous.

I’d get him neutered but right now I have to way to get to the neutering place. And my mom says it’s to early to get him neutered, which is complete BS, but she thinks she’s the god of knowledge and god forbid I argue with her because I know nothing at all. Which brings me to my next woe…

3. Living at home.

I would love to move out and I would in a heartbeat. But, realistically, I can’t. I don’t have a job and I’m going to university next year. So I have no source of income and, if I did have one, it’d be going towards my education. It sucks.

I hate having to answer to someone else about what I’ve been doing. I hate having to live by someone else’s rules. I hate the fact that I could be kicked out if I don’t abide by whatever “the head of the household” says. I hate it.

Which probably sounds all ungrateful since I don’t have to pay for anything, but still. I feel like my independence is being bought off. Like if they buy me something or give me a place to live, then that means they have power over me.

And I’ve been trying to get a job, so that I’ll be able to save up and move out. But no one wants to hire me! I’ve applied to a ton of places and no one calls me back. And it’s not that my resume sucks or anything because I had to make a legit one in a class. I got called back once and that was in like grade 8… I guess that was my once chance to get a job.

2. Dogs.

I rant about this all the time. All. the. time. It’s not all dogs, but specifically my family’s dogs. Which have made me dislike all other dogs through association, but that isn’t the point.

My family’s dogs seriously have no point. All they do is bark and whine and make messes. And no one in my family even really cares about them. I straight up hate them, but everyone else says that they love them.

Oh really, you love them? No one ever takes them out for walks. They get pet like once every month. They live in this little space on the stairs and an area below the stairs (yes, like Harry Potter). All they do during the day is eat and sleep and once in a while go outside. Wow, what a wonderful existence. You can really tell that the people in my family “love” the dogs. At least I’m up front about the fact that I don’t like them, instead of saying that I do, when really I don’t. Actions>words.1

1. University.

It is so confusing registering for classes. I really have no idea what the fuck I’m doing. So next week sometime, I have to go in and ask for help. By which time the classes will probably all be full, because that’s just how my life is going these days.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how I feel about getting into classes. Especially ones with watch lists.

Those are all my woes. For now… /wrist

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