It’s official: Nexopia is a den of sleazebags.

Remember my earlier experiment where I wanted to see if I would get sleazy, douchebagy comments / messages on Nexopia? Well, I have gotten 2 of them already. Gotta love gross, perverted, horny boys on the internet. Not.

My favorite, can I even call it that?, sleazy message out of the two would be:

hey baby whats up? your really beautiful we should have a few drinks and hook up

How about you go find a girl, who you actually know and ask her to hook up and see what she says? I swear that it’s just mutually understood on Nexopia that the guys are sleazy and the girls are easy Oh, look, I rhymed!

I know that this wasn’t exactly the most scientific, or precise, experiment, but it just clarified the point for me. Nexopia is a grungy place to be. So, if you still have a Nexopia, beware! That place is one giant cesspool where all the dbags and hoes hang out. No offence.


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One response to “It’s official: Nexopia is a den of sleazebags.

  1. ok, basically their pervs everywhere!why lie?!

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