Living in Canada is a bitch.

It has finally started snowing here in Canada… boo! I guess it didn’t really register in my brain that it is November now, which it usually when it starts snowing and getting cold as fuck. I just feel like there shouldn’t be a winter this year, because I don’t want to have to put up with the ridiculous weather. I mean, -14C as a high temperature this week? Fuck that.

Where I live, it gets super cold in the winter and then there’s the wind chill and a shit load of snow. It’s like living in the Arctic without any of the perks, like seeing polar bears or harpooning seals or living in an igloo. I will never understand why people like living in cold places. I am going to live somewhere where you don’t have to put on 2 sweaters, a jacket, a scarf, mittens, a toque, socks and boots just to go outside and get the mail.

Now that there’s snow on the ground it won’t be long until I have to start shoveling… I hate hate hate shoveling. When I was younger, I used to get the urge every now and then to go out and shovel. But, now that it’s become a chore that I HAVE to do, I despise it. Spending half an hour scraping Mother Nature’s jizz off of the ground is not an ideal way to spend my time.

The worst is when you finish shoveling and you look back at what you’ve done… and the wind has blown all of the snow back on the sidewalk. FUCK! Then you have to go back outside in the freezing cold and do it all over again. /wrist.

I also hate it when it’s the sticky type of snow. That shit is so effing heavy. And it packs together when you’re shoveling it, which it makes it even more heavy…

Just the thought of shoveling is making me frustrated… Screw you, winter!



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2 responses to “Living in Canada is a bitch.

  1. hehe!i like the story about the shovelling. Honestly, dont shovel if you know no guests are coming to the house during that time. I wouldnt ! :p
    You should come for a vacation in africa. Thats where i stay 😀
    Love your blog!

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