Are boys psychic?

It seems like every time I decide to give up on a boy they know and they go do something that makes me not want to give up any more.  I hate it! Are boys just born with the innate ability required to lead girls on? They just have this sixth sense about girls, I swear.

It’s like they know just how far they can push a girl before she’s finally had enough and they always stop just short of that point. A guy can treat a girl horribly for an extended period of time, yet she’ll still like him regardless. Let’s face it: girls can last an incredibly long time on just one nice moment. Horrible, but true.

I feel like every guy I’ve ever liked has known exactly what needed to be done in order to string me along. As soon as I decide that I’m done liking a guy and that he just isn’t worth the effort, he’ll ask me to hang out or text me or just generally be nice to me. It’s like they are psychic and they know that I’m about to be done with them, but they just can’t let that happen. Even if they don’t like me or are in a relationship already. /wrist.



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2 responses to “Are boys psychic?

  1. hmm. How very true!
    BUT it goes both ways. Sometimes we run after them sometimes they complain about running after us. Lets just all stop running 😀
    Hope we can blog roll eachother!

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