DIY Pore Strips

I haven’t used pore strips in forever, mainly because I’m too cheap to go out and buy them. That’s money that could be spent on food or clothes or make up or… food. Luckily, I found a DIY way to make your own pore strips and I had all the ingredients in my house, which was pretty awesome.

So you’ll need unflavored gelatin, milk, and a makeup brush that you won’t be missed. If you want to use a good brush, you can but it’s pretty hard to get all of the gunk off of it.

Take a tablespoon-ish of each of the milk and gelatin and mix together in a microwave safe dish.

Your mixture should be a little bit clumpy. If it’s a little more runny than mine, that’s fine. Heat up in the microwave for 10 seconds.

So your mixture will be blended together and runny when it gets out of the microwave. Some people find that it smells gross, so you might want to breathe out of your mouth for a while. Personally, I just think it smells weird not bad.

Next, check the temperature of the mix to make sure it’s not too hot and apply it to your nose area using the make up brush. You want a thin, even layer. Make sure you take extra care applying it on the outside curves of your nose!

Wait 10-15 minutes for the strip to dry. My layer was a little bit bumpy and thick in places, which means I had to wait longer for it to dry.

Once the strip is dry, peel it off and rinse off any cling ons. Viola! A gunk free nose!

Good Luck!



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