“I am not an object.” (event) Actually, I am.

There’s this event going on tomorrow called “I am not an object.” On the Facebook page it says,

Come to school and/or work without any make-up. Also, don’t dress up and wear plain clothing such as a T-Shirt and sweats/jeans. No jewelry or any accessories and don’t do your hair, just leave it down or a plain ponytail. Just go natural. You can write somewhere either on yourself or on your clothing either courage, strength or equality. INVITE ALL YOUR GIRL FRIENDS!

This is to raise awareness about how women should be respected and be treated equally. We are not just objects to be decorated and commanded. We have brilliant minds, creative spirits and able bodies. Also because every girl out there is beautiful just the way she is. This day is also the International Day of Eradication of Violence Against Women.

I’m glad that it’s promoting awareness about the eradication of violence against women, but that’s about all that I like about it.

What is wrong with dressing nicely and doing your hair and makeup? I don’t do it for anyone but myself and I resent being told that I am treating myself like an object that is “decorated.” I do all of that stuff because I like doing it. I don’t do it for men, why would I? They never notice, or care.

It’s about how you feel in your clothes and skin. Makeup, clothing, and hair can all instill confidence. “Every girl is beautiful just the way she is,” but that doesn’t mean that she will feel that way. Your appearance does affect how you feel about yourself and if a girl chooses to beautify herself, that’s not objectification. It’s someone making the conscious effort to change the way she feels about herself and if others decide to see her in a different way, fine. They were never the priority to begin with. Go watch “What Not to Wear” and you’ll see what I mean.

I also think that in order to “be respected and be treated equally,” you need to present yourself properly. No one takes you seriously if you aren’t suitably groomed, that’s just the way people think. If a female substitute teacher was to come in looking like she just rolled out of bed and didn’t put any sort of thought into her appearance, I guarantee you that class wouldn’t listen to a word she had to say. The same goes for a male teacher. Presentation is key.

No one is going to think that you have a “brilliant mind, creative spirit and able body” if you walk around looking like a hobo. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. I understand going for the natural look, but girls, and guys too, that put absolutely no effort into their appearance are just lazy. That’s not me treating you like an object; it’s life.

Needless to say, I won’t be dressed plainly without makeup or a pretty hairdo. I’m pretty sure that my body is, in fact, an object: a canvas. And I will decorate it however the fuck I want, because that’s what makes me happy.


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