I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas.

As you probably know, Christmas is in less than a month. I think that almost everyone has a bit of a love hate relationship with Christmas. It has it’s good points, like getting presents, decorating, and getting time off of school/work. But it’s also a giant pain in the ass.

Every year around this time I am always struck by the fact that I have to buy tons of gifts with a small amount of money. I don’t have a job or anything (I have accepted that I will never be hired), so all I usually have to use the money that I get for my birthday to pay for presents. Which sucks, because I’m a greedy kid and I don’t want to use all my birthday money buying things for other people.

My other problem with Christmas is that I never know who I am supposed to buy presents for and how much I should be spending on them. Which family members do I buy for? Just the immediate ones? Do I buy for all of my friends? I’m not a big fan of the awkward “are we buying for each other?” conversation. And, call me selfish, but I don’t want to buy someone a gift if they aren’t going to buy me one. There are times where I am pretty selfless and I’ll just randomly get people gifts, but I am downright selfish during the Christmas season. What can I say? I love the presents.

This year I decided to try and put an end to my  Christmas woes. I decided to hand make the majority of my gifts in order to save money and I toughed it out and had the awkward conversation with the people who I am buying for. Hopefully, this year I will be able to just have a love relationship with Christmas.


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