Do you need to be attractive to succeed in today’s world?

It seems like every where you look the only people who are succeeding are good looking. Singers, actors, entrepreneurs. Is it possible to get anywhere without being attractive?

Face it. We live in an incredibly shallow society. Appearance is everything to us. Even if we ourselves aren’t attractive, we still judge others based on what they look like. It seems to me like only the good looking people get ahead in life.

Take actors and actresses for example. All of the famous, big earners are good looking. Sure you can get into the acting scene without being necessarily attractive, but how far will you get? Those actors are usually the ones that are typecast and will never get a chance to be anything but “nerdy” or “funny” or “quirky.”

Do people subconsciously give the attractive people preferential treatment? Everyone else seems to be shunted to the side when there is someone good looking around. Why is it that we’re programmed to like the best looking thing around? And are your levels of attractiveness and success actually linked?


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