I hate usernames!

Am I the only person who finds making usernames a useless, time wasting process? I’ve never exactly been the most imaginative person when it comes to naming things. My doll that squeaked was named “Squeaky”, the penguin was “Pengy”, and the doll with a blue nose was… can you guess it? “Blue Nose.” Such great names, hey?

Anyways, I hate having to pick out a username for anything. It takes me forever to pick something out and then… that name’s already taken! FUCK! Is that not the worst? After you have this giant brain storming sesh, you can’t even use what you thought of.

Why do we even use usernames? Aren’t our legit names good enough?

I know, I know it’s to prevent weird people from stalking the fuck out of us. Oh, and if we’re doing something that we don’t want any one else to know what we’re doing we use them. Like if I was going to run a blog on the world’s greatest barn yard porn flicks, yes I’d want to have an anonymous seeming username like sleepswithsheep or something. But for something at least semi-legitimate is it alright just to use your name?

I guess, if I’m applying for a job, I don’t exactly want them to Google me and have my blog, YouTube, Twitter, and what ever other random internet accounts I have popping up… I just hate having to think of the damn usernames! It’s so much work! And it’s hard to think of a username that you can actually tell other people without being embarrassed about it.

Do you have any suggestions for a username? My oh so helpful friends suggested: HarryPotter_Lover, Twilight_For_Life, and kimiko_rulezzz…
Somehow, I think I’d rather die than admit to any of those being my username. Especially if I’m trying to become popular on the internet…


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