Makeup Challenge: Day 5

It was actually a physical struggle for me to put on makeup today. I wasn’t planning to leave the house and I spent most of my time holed up in my room watching/reading romantic stuff. So lame, I know. I really didn’t see the point in putting on my face, since it was too much effort. But, I did it anyways.

I just got out out of the shower, so I decided to go for a minimal fresh faced kind of look. It doesn’t really look like I’m wearing make up, does it? But I assure you that I am!

Whenever I’m in a rush or don’t feel like putting on a lot of make up, I always put on highlighter. It brightens up your complexion and gives a nice glowy feel. I love it because it’s super quick and easy. I usually put in on my cheekbones, brow bones, and cupids bow. Since I use a sponge to apply it, I just swipe the extra on the bridge of my nose. I don’t like to put a lot on my nose because I feel like that makes it look greasy and gross. When I have a bit more time, I’ll apply the highlighter to the center of my eye lids and the inner corners. I love highlighter! You can use it in a bazillion different ways, which is great since it is a little bit pricey.

Another trick I like to use, when I’m in a rush or don’t want to appear overly made up, is to tight line my eyes. Don’t know what that is? It’s when you like your upper water line. This makes your lashes look fuller and is a lot quicker, and less obvious, than applying mascara. I especially like to tight line my eyes when I’m wearing glasses. When I put on mascara, my lashes tend to scratch and rub up against my lenses which ruins the glasses and causes the mascara to flake. So, it’s just a lot more convenient to tight line since it makes your lashes and eyes look better without all of the hassles of mascara. But I love wearing mascara! And I sometimes tight line and wear mascara to make my lashes super smexy.

What I wore:

  • cover up and foundation
  • highlighter
  • black liner

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