Why are guys in suits so attractive?

For some inexplicable reason, I find guys in suits so friggen attractive. It is unbelievable. I have no idea why, but I go a little bit nuts every time I see a guy my age wearing a suit or a dress shirt and tie. It’s so sexy! Once I hit the working class, I may die of suit overload…

I think that wearing a suit makes a guy look about 100x better. I mean, casual clothes are great but there is just something about seeing a male all dressed up nicely, since girls are usually the ones putting all the effort into their appearances. Even if I don’t usually think a guy is attractive, seeing him in a suit makes me do a double take. I’m so shallow. Geez.

One of the cutest things I’ve ever seen is a guy in a suit doing the dishes. Oh, I died a little bit inside. He had taken his jacket off, tucked his tie into his shirt pocket and rolled up his sleeves, then started doing dishes. Aw. Cutest thing ever. There is something super adorable about the fact that he took so much care of his clothing and then started to do a task that a lot of guys still make women do.

I love boys in suits. Oh, so very much.


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