Why do girls always pick the asshole?

Have you ever noticed that on practically every romantic show in existence the girl will pick the asshole over the nice guy? Is there a reason why this needs to happen? I feel like these shows are sending us the wrong message: that we should like the guys who treat us kind of badly as opposed to the ones who actually care. It’s ridiculous, and is this the message that we want to be sending to young girls and women all over the world?

If you had a friend who had 2 different guys chasing after her, which would you tell her to pick? NOT THE ASSHOLE! You know that he’s going to keep hurting her, over and over, and that he’s not going to treat her properly. Yet the big screen compels us to make the opposite choice. How is that even logical?

It’s like we’re being told that it’s alright for a guy to be a giant ass wad and to treat us less with less respect than we deserve. These are the romance stories that we find so wonderful and exciting?

It just reiterates the point that, even if a girl is treated horrendously, one nice act will last her forever. So why doesn’t the nice guy trump the asshole? Because he’s always been nice and will continue to be nice. Apparently, there is nothing interesting, exciting, or likable about that. Whereas the asshole will start off mean and, just when you’re on the brink of kicking his ass to the curb, he’ll do something, just one thing, nice and lure you right back in. I guess it’s true that nice guys never win.

I find it stupid that tales of romance in the current world advocate the triumph of douche baggery over sincerity. I would like to watch a show where the nice guy actually gets the girl and the asshole gets was he deserves: a kick to the balls.



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2 responses to “Why do girls always pick the asshole?

  1. eternallyemo

    As someone who writes stories from the “nice guy” perspective, I can tell you that there are two reasons why this phenomenon occurs:

    1) Drama needs… well, drama. There is nothing challenging about us nice guys. We don’t need to be reprogrammed, or to be taught a lesson. In TV, movies, books, etc. conflict is key.

    A nice guy who has always been nice (and will always be nice) has no story arc. However, if the girl can find one redeeming quality in a guy with more excitement/drama/outward appeal, well… now you’ve got a story. Or, in real life, a challenge.

    2) Life imitates art, which imitates life. What came first, the girl who picked the asshole for all the wrong reasons, or the *story* of the girl who picked said asshole? If there wasn’t a significant percentage of the female population falling for the “wrong” guy, then the stories you see and read wouldn’t be identifiable.

    I hope that my explanation isn’t an endorsement of the Hollywood bullshit machine. As long as there are girls out there who see through the douchebags and find value in an honest, decent guy… we’ll all get what we deserve.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep writing my “nice guy” chronicles, and maybe you can be in one of my focus groups 😉

    • Your explanation doesn’t sound like an endorsement~ and I understand why ass holes are such popular characters, I just hate what it represents about life. That girls are inexplicably drawn towards those types of guys, despite knowing how much they suck to like.

      I think it would be a lot of fun to be in a focus group, if you ever need me! =)

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