Makeup Challenge: Day 10

Today there was this event at my school called “Touch of Class.” It’s just where you dress up all prettily and boys wear suits, which means that it’s my own little happy day since I love formal wear. I had so much fun doing my makeup, because I could do more with it that I usually do.  I always relish an occasion to go all out with makeup since there aren’t a lot of them during school. The best part about it was that I felt like such a little Barbie doll with my pink dress, heels and makeup. Aww.

What I wore:

  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • lipstick
  • blush
  • brown, white and black eye shadows
  • black gel liner
  • mascara
  • white liner

It felt so nice to take all this off of my face afterwards!




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2 responses to “Makeup Challenge: Day 10

  1. Your eyeliner looks great! What kind do you like to use?

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