Everyone is racist to some degree.

I think that it’s impossible to be completely un-racist, which I know sounds terrible. No one is going to admit to being a racist, since it’s so taboo. But, if you look at the society we are living in, it’s true that everyone has an underlying sense of racism, whether they know it or not.

Culture is still dominated by white, English speaking people. Every where you look you are going to find them on television, in ads, and in movies.  Regardless of how much the world has changed, white people are still the most influential, powerful race in the world. It’s like they are still considered superior to anyone else.

Then, we still see in movies and in the media the stereotyping of other races. Oh, black people are criminals. Asians are smart. Mexicans are all illegal immigrants. We poke fun at these things and make jokes, since it’s now socially acceptable to do that. But behind every joke is a little grain of the truth and, if you keep laughing at these jokes or making them, you slowly form a little bit of prejudice, whether you notice it or not. And children who hear these jokes and see the movies grow up believing that it’s all right to make stereotypical, racial comments and that it’s perfectly okay to think like that. They grow into being racist, even if it’s just a little bit and they’re unaware of it.

I’m not saying that everyone out there is contemplating another Holocaust or reforming the KKK, but we are all a little bit racist inside. We’ve grown up in an atmosphere that makes it alright to make degrading comments and pass them off as jokes. I’m not going to lie: I make racial jokes, and I laugh at racial jokes, too. I’m pretty sure a large majority of people do too. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do these days, but it’s like we feel that making these jokes shows how racially tolerant and understanding we are when, in reality, it encourages the opposite way of thinking.

It gets to the point where you subconsciously think of all these racial comments and stereotypes whenever you see someone. You see a black person and you think of a million jokes about poverty, or fried chicken, or grape juice. You see an Asian, you think of grades, and noodles, and squinty eyes. You see a brown person, you think of turbans, taxi cabs, and curry. Yet, white people are still considered the most superior, desirable race. There are what, 5 jokes or stereotypes about white people compared to the thousands there are for every other race?

Even if you think you aren’t, deep down inside everyone is a little bit racist. It’s just the way that we’ve been raised and the influence that jokes and stereotypes and the media have on us.


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