I want a new camera so bad!

If you’ve been reading my Makeup Challenge posts, you’ve probably seen me carping about my p.o.s (piece of shit, for anyone who didn’t know) camera. Sure, it takes alright pictures but if I’m going to be putting pictures online I would like them to be nothing short of perfect. And alright is no where near being in the same ballpark as perfect.

So right now I’ve got a Sony something. It’s so lame I don’t even know the name lah~ Anyways, it has the word Cyber-shot on it, so maybe that’s the name? I have no facking idea.

It looks like that. And it took me at least 5 minutes to find a picture of this bad boy. Is it so awful that people don’t even want to take pictures of it?

The reason we got this camera was because it was cheap. What can I say? My mom and I are thrifty cheap skates and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money.


Why not spend the money on something that you are using to document the important moments in your life? Do you want to look back and only have shitty looking pictures to remind you of what you used to do? Shit pic = shit memory, imo.

Let’s face it: we’re only young once. We’re only pretty once. Why waste the pretty years with a shit camera?

When I am old, decrepit, and ugly, I would like to look at my youthful pictures and be able to gloat about how attractive I was. Besides, no one wants to take pictures of you when you have saggy boobs, wrinkles, and no hair. So, I might as well live up my camwhore days while I can.

But I can’t live them up if I have a p.o.s camera! It’s ridiculous. So for the next little while I’ll be wheedling and begging and mooching around trying to find someone willing to spring $550 for a camera for me.

I’m willing to pay for the GST, which means that my cat’s neutering fund will be emptied. But, hey! it’s for a good cause. I’m quite sure that he wants me to be able to camwhore to my heart’s content.

Besides, he’s never let out of my house so it’s not like he’s got any lady cats around that he can impregnate. I’m sure that if he escapes he will be too awed at the world to tang any ladies before he’s caught. My poor destined-to-be-a-virgin-for-life kitty. Maybe I’ll buy him a blow up cat for Christmas or something…


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