Makeup Challenge: Days 15 and 16

Day 15:

I would’ve uploaded this yesterday, but my mom had to borrow my camera. My younger brother’s elementary school was having a Christmas concert so she wanted to record it. Had I known it was happening, I would have gone too but no one saw fit to tell me… Assholes!

I know that my makeup looks kind of groddy and gross, but that’s just because I had to take the pictures after an entire day of frolicking around. Usually I take my pictures in the morning right after I’m done putting everything on. I was going to touch up my makeup prior to taking the pictures, but I felt like that would’ve been a waste since I’m cheap like that and I was just going to take it off right after wards.

What I wore:

  • light and dark greed eye shadows
  • concealer, foundation, powder
  • black gel liner, w/ black powder to set
  • mascara

Day 16:

I was in a rush this morning, so I didn’t have the time to take a bazillion pictures in the attempt to find a decent looking one this morning. So just, you know, ignore my face. If that’s possible.

I was in a purple kind of mood today, hence the purple makeup. I didn’t have a purple color eyeliner, so I lined it with my black gel and then put a dark plum color over it. The result was this eggplant color, which was really pretty. I love when you combine two things to make something completely new and awesome.

What I wore:

  • purple, lilac, and plum eye shadows
  • black gel liner
  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • mascara




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