Photoshop Fun!

I was bored and I only a limited time with PS, since I have a trial not the full thing. I’m too poor for the full thing~ It’s so weird editing your face… I feel like you look at every single thing wrong about yourself and then fix it until you look almost completely different. Which probably says something horrible about my self-confidence, but I don’t care! It’s fun to do~



I’m a bit of a noob at using PS, so don’t judge me too harshly~ I think after a little while I’ll be a pro at it. And then my trial will end and I’ll forget how to do everything. Lame.

Pictures just look so much cuter with blush, don”t they? That is a nice rosy blush, not a I-just-got-slapped-in-the-face blush. ahaha

I look like an alien in this one ahaha! So not cute but whatever.

That’s the last of my photoshopping for today! I’ll have to go on an extreme camwhore rampage so that I can edit pictures while I still have PS. So if you bombarded by PS’d pictures of me… well, now you know why.


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