I know, it’s so vain of me. But I was bored, my makeup looked good, and well… I am vain. ahaha~ Some pictures are photoshopped, some aren’t. Bonus points for you if you can guess which ones are PS’d! ^^

#1 – Obligatory Asian pose! I actually try and do this as little as possible cause I don’t wanna be stereotypical, or anything.

#2 – I just wanted to show off my heels… I love high heels! They are so friggen sexy!

#3 – My room looks like a giant shit hole, hey? I don’t even have a door… FML.

#4 – I think this one is one of my favorites! I look like such an innocent little kid, right???

#5 – Cause I love the people who read my blog ^^

#6 – I was trying to be cutesy looking… did it work?

#7 – I decided to curl my hair since I had nothing better to do… took me forever! And the top half looked like shit hence the half-up half-down look, haha

#8 – My version of hardcore makeup

#9 – Penguins are soooo cute~! I love them =D

#10 – I kept making this face for some reason… I’ve never used it before in my life. Weird.

That’s the end of my camwhoring… for now! I hope you enjoyed it! (but how could you not when it’s my face you’re looking at? ahaha jk)




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