Eating Vietnamese food!

I had no intention to go out today (or any other time during my Christmas break), but my dear mother bribed me with food. She said that if I went out with her and my younger brother I’d get fed. So, obviously, I went. I haven’t been able to really eat anything good for the past little while because everything in my house is “saved for Christmas.”

Pah! Why do people I barely even know get to eat all the good food in my house and I’m stuck with friggen instant noodles? Just the thought of making the instant noodles makes me want to barf these days…

Anyways, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. For an appetizer we got salad rolls.

Me being a fat kid~

The rolls came with this peanut sauce and fish sauce on the side. I love the peanut sauce! It’s so good… My younger brother kept complaining about the smell of the fish sauce though…

Actually he kept complaining about everything… So annoying lah! He wanted a grilled cheese, which they didn’t have cause it’s a Vietnamese place, then he wanted chicken strips, which they also didn’t have. After that, he just went on this whining rampage. I wanted to just dump the entire thing of fish sauce on his head… but that would be a waste of sauce.

My mom also got wonton soup as an appetizer since it came with her meal. The best part about wonton soup has to be the wontons, hands down. I jacked one of them before my mom noticed, ahaha fat kid.

Her actually meal was grilled beef with rice, vegetables, and a piece of chicken. The beef was so nummy! Even my younger brother condescended to eat some of it, which is saying something.

I got Bun Ba Mau or grilled chicken, pork, and spring roll on vermicelli. I get this like every time I go there cause it’s so good. But next time I think I’m gonna try a soup or something just to change things up.


I ate my food like a G6. ♥ you Vietnam.


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  1. This food looks so delicious. Very nice post

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