Makeup Challenge: Days 23, 24, and 25

Sorry, I know I’ve been MIA for while. But Christmas is a busy time of the year!

Day 23

What I wore:

  • lilac, white, and eggplant eye shadows
  • coverup, foundation
  • highlighter
  • blush
  • mascara
  • black gel liner

Day 24

This day I didn’t really want to look too nice because my younger brother was getting pictures taken with Santa and my mom has been badgering me to be in the pictures too. I figured if I didn’t look my best she wouldn’t want me in them anymore. Now I feel guilty for not being in them since this is, hopefully, my last year at home.

What I wore:

  • white and eggplant shadows
  • mascara
  • coverup, foundation, powder
  • bronzer

Day 25 – Merry Christmas!

I felt a bit guilty because my younger brother had to wait until I went upstairs to open his presents and I was taking quite a while putting on my face. Not intentionally, of course.

I attempted to do something somewhat festive since it was Christmas. I don’t really know if it looks that way~ But I did use festive colors!

Isn’t it creepy how my eye is still kinda open? I didn’t even realize it was like that until now… ahaha

What I wore:

  • red, white, green, and gold eye shadows
  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • highlighter
  • blush
  • black gel liner
  • mascara




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