Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all had a great time with your family/friends or even just by yourself. I know Christmas is supposed to be about family and whatnot, but I still hope you all got a shitload of presents cause those are the best part of Christmas. You know it, too.

1. It looks like I just got up right? But, nope. I had woken up like an hour and a half earlier in order to shower and put on make up. Ahaha! I didn’t want to look like shit in any of my pictures.

2. All of our presents and the tree. This year I actually got to decorate it. Usually my mom puts it up when I’m not around and decorates it herself… apparently my decorating skills aren’t good enough for her~

My younger brother, William, and my older brother also helped decorate the tree. It was funny because my younger brother kept putting the ball ornaments super close together and they looked like, well, BALLS. There were literal blue balls hanging off of my Christmas tree. Fml.

3. Our stockings. Mine is in the middle. I didn’t bother buying anyone stocking stuffers cause I was too ghetto for that.

4. I made these pretty little snowflake ornaments out of paper! They took me forever to make… Pretty right?

William, being an asshole of  child and a typical brother, looked at them and said, “look at those ugly snowflakes!” UGLY? Wtf? I spend 3 fucking hours on those and he calls them ugly?!?! I was this close to going god-fucking-zilla on this child. My family all laughed WITH his AT me. Fuck. I was so pissed.

Last time I bother making anything for them…

5. All of the holiday chocolate! Inside of those bags are brownies. I made them as gifts for people who I didn’t have enough money to buy presents for, lol

6. Close up of some presents. Even my kitty got one! William asked for a mixer from Santa and “Santa” got him one. Oh to be young and actually get what you want under the tree.

Every year my family tells me to make a list of the things I want. And every year they never get me anything that’s on it… seriously why do I bother? I mean I like the gifts they get me and everything, but do I need to go through the effort of making a list if they’re just going to ignore it?

7. Myrtle was getting in the Christmas spirit. Actually he was just up there to attack the mini tree and the ornaments hanging around.

8. I wish my cat was a camwhore too~ He never wants to take pictures with me

9. Me and my stocking. I used to have another one with this fatass snowman on it but I don’t know where it went… So this year I got stuck with berries /sigh

10. Me and my momma. She’s so… yellow. I never noticed until now, but holy crap!

11. The older brother. Do you like the way our scarves are flipped to the same side? So chic haha

12. The ornament my younger brother made at school. So. freaking. cute. He sewed it and decorated all by himself. Awwwwwwwwwww!

13. Women in the kitchen and men lazing around waiting for their food. How 1800s is my household?

14. My cute kitty wearing my favorite hat ♥ He is one effeminate little creature.



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