New Years! (and camwhoring)

Happy 2011! It’s so weird having to write that instead of 2010. If you’re like me you’re going to have to use a shitload of white-out/erasers for the rest of the month since you’ll still be writing 2010 instead of 2011.

I ended up going on another camwhore spree, my first of the new year!

1. Like I said in my Holiday Haul video, I wore this tiger striped sequin dress. I got it on boxing day and it was 40% off or something like that (sales = awesome). The cardigan isn’t actually a cardigan. It’s a scarf! I jedi mind-tricked people into thinking it was a cardi.

2. I love taking pictures with a mirror behind the camera because you can see what you look like. Makes life that much easier, I’m telling you.

3. I took a bunch of these weird indie looking photos.

4. My hair always makes this weird necklace thing. It’s so weird and I never notice it until I take a picture/look in a mirror. Ninja hair.

5. Love how my makeup look here!

6. Took this at my friend’s house. her house seriously has the best lighting ever. I look so tan in it~ I try to take pictures in it whenever I’m there cause I like it so much. I think she was mixing some drinks while I was camwhoring, ahaha!

7. Blurry, but whatever lah. I think it’s cute.

8. ♥mirrors

9. I prefer wearing this dress with the cardigan cause sequins are itchy as fuck. They make me wanna rip my skin off so I try to keep them from directly touching any part of my body.

10. In case you wanted to see me all glammed down.

I plan on having a kickass 2011, I hope you do too! ^^


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