Pretty Little Liars

Today was the premier of season 2 of Pretty Little Liars. If you don’t watch this show, go watch it. It is awesome! (mainly because of Mr. Fitz, but I’ll get to that later)

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched any of the episodes, so everything was kind of hazy in my memory. But my god! The cast is ridiculously attractive. Ri-fucking-diculous. Like the only requirement to get on the show was how good looking you are. Screw acting talent!

I must admit that I am a shallow bitch, so I thoroughly enjoy watching the show. Sure the acting could be better but meh. I am happy just looking at them cause of the attractive level.

The four main characters

Good looking, no? I think that the 2 in the middle are the more attractive ones. But they are all pretty. Just like every friggen other character,

I am particularly envious of Lucy Hale. Not just because she has gorgeous hair, but because she gets to make out with this:

droooooooool! So. facking. attractive. This man, Ezra Fitz in the show, makes the entire thing worth watching. He is so… cute? handsome? awesome? all of the above? I love love love him. Gah.

I don’t even care that him and Aria are in an illicit student-teacher romance because:
a. it’s make belief
b. they are such a good looking couple
c. THE CUTENESS! it kills me every time I see them together. It’s like sticking your fork into an electrical socket of cute. Or like seeing little puppies frolicking.

I’ll just leave you with a bit more eye candy of the other males in the show:

See why I watch it? It’s like crack for your eyes~


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