How to turn a scarf into a cardigan

If you remember I wore a scarf as a cardi on New Years and I decided that I might as well share my way of doing it. It’s super easy and looks pretty dece after wards. So if you need a cardigan and don’t have enough money (or are too lazy) to buy one, here a quickie solution!

What you’ll need:

  • scarf (any scarf that isn’t square. and remember: the wider your scarf, the longer your cardi)
  • pins

Fold your scarf in half and mark where the middle is. You can just use your fingers as a placeholder~

Fold the ends in so that they meet in the middle.

Pin the ends together and to the back of the scarf. I prefer to use two pins because it’s sturdier but you can you however many you want. You can also put them parallel, like I did, or put them in an X shape. Whatever floats your boat.

If you really dig your scarf as a cardigan, you can even sew it together. I just like to pin it because it means I can still use it as a scarf too. The more ways you can wear something, the better.

And viola! You’ve got a chic new cardi to wear around.


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