I think it was like -20C here or something like that today. Not including the windchill. So, it was fucking cold. And the snow is like 4+ feet in some places.

Ridiculous. Especially when it’s piled on the side of the road and you have to climb up that shit to get to the sidewalk. God, I hate winter.

1. I stayed home from school today (such a skipper but whatever lah it’s not like anything important happened), so my mom and I decided to get some pizza. I got all winter geared up so that I could walk to the pizza place cause it costs extra money for delivery and I’m cheap like that.

2. Got the earmuffs over Christmas break. They were only like $5! They’re super cute and warm~

3. Found a Christmas tree on my way to get pizza. I think it’s such a waste to cut down a tree just to display it for a month and then throw it away. Like that tree could have like for like 70 more years or something, but nope you cut it down for your house. Now it’s dead and useless. Depressing.

That’s why I use a fake tree. Sure it isn’t the same as a real one, but I feel less guilty about using it. Plus it’s better for Mother Earth and all that jazz.

4. I was camwhoring in this alley thing ’cause I like natural lighting. I think it looks so awesome. It’s not that anyone really looks out into the alley, or out their front door for that matter.

I realized this after I found out there were these goodlooking boys in my neighborhood. For like a week, I’d walk by their house hoping that they’d see me and fall in love. LOL so lame. But yeah, moral of the story is that people rarely look outside when they’re in their houses. Unless they’re creepers like Mrs Dursley in HP or my mom.

5. This is my favorite.

6. Sad story. After I trekked out to order my pizza in the freezing cold, the place was closed… WTF?!?! I was so bummed. I was this close to getting my pizza only to have it ripped away from me. And I didn’t want to have to walk all the way back there so I just gave up on my pizza. For now.

7. Still bummed about not getting my pizza. I love pizza. I can down like 3/4 of one to myself in one sitting… so unhealthy, but so fucking delicious.

8. My camera got all foggy when I got back inside. I HATE when glasses do this. So annoying.

9 + 10.

11. I always make mustaches with my hair. So attractive, hey?

12.  Decided to make some noodles for supper, since pizza was no longer an option. I threw every Asian sauce in my fridge into this. It was actually so delicious~

Usually the food I cook at school or at someone else’s house tastes good, but when I cook at home, it’s gross. But, not this time! Woo

13. Looking crazy while eating my food. Om nom nom.


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