Why do people protect their tweets?

Isn’t the purpose of Twitter to tell people what you are doing and to communicate? Why bother getting an account if you’re going to screen what people can see and choose who can follow you? There’s Facebook for that, my friend.

If I am going on a Twitter creepfest, I don’t want to run into a bunch of people who won’t let you see their tweets. It pisses me off!

I understand the concept of privacy, but that just defeats the purpose of having a Twitter. If you don’t want people to know what you’re saying, then don’t use social media. End of story.

Some people are all, “I just got it to communicate with my friends/family!” How about you get off your computer/phone/iPod and go talk to them in real life? Or send them a text? Phone call? Email?

There are a bazillion different ways to communicate with people that don’t involve using protected tweets! (LOL I almost put protected sex instead of tweets… WTF brain?That is an ENTIRELY different matter ahaha)

Why, why, why do people feel the need to protect their tweets? Don’t want people to read what you’re posting? Don’t get a Twitter.


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