Closet Raid

I was over at my friend’s house last night and ended up having a night of beautification.

1. I curled my hair, which I don’t normally do because it’s so. much. effort. And because it takes a ton of time and I am always running late in the mornings. I’d curl it the night before but my hair gets all greasy and disgusting after I sleep… boo!

2. Bailey had a bunch of headbands so I had a mini headband fashion show, lol! (and yes, I was camwhoring while she was in the room~ whatever lah) I never really wear bows because I feel like they make me look younger than I am and people ALWAYS think I’m like 12, so I’m not a fan of looking younger right now. In the future, I’ll probably be all about looking as young as possible.

I think I may have to risk looking like a little kid though ’cause bows are so cuuuuuuute!

3. Rockin the Boho-look. In real life it looked kind of stupid but in pictures it looked nice… wtf?

4. I started off in sweats, but then Bailey was dressed nice and we were going out for supper… So I raided her closet and tadaaaa! I felt like the shorter, Asian, slut-ish version of Bailey~ I have to admit wearing someone else’s clothes is the fun.

5. Bailey told me she liked this gold headband on me, so I ended up wearing that one. Then I snatched her cardigan ’cause it had gold buttons. The only things that are mine that I’m wearing are the tanktop and tights.

6. Me and Bailey all dressed up and ready to go out for food. We went out for bulgogi again… SO GOOD! Seriously, the meat was just the greatest thing of my life. And people are probably gonna be like, you perv talking about how much you love meat! But it is so delicious~

Speaking of delicious, our waiter was quite cute. I’m not going to lie, I quite enjoyed having him serve us~ And he had quite soft hands. I know because of some nice hand brushing actions going on LOL

Seriously, I’m talking about how much I love meat and touching some random guy… so hentai lah~ ahahah

7. It looks like I’m laughing at a joke or talking to someone or something, right? But actually I was just pretending. Ahahaha! So if you ever want to fool people into thinking that you were being lame by yourself, just look away from the camera and laugh~

8 + 9. Sticking out my tongue the cute way?

10. Being cute some moar~! This one is my favorite camwhore shot of the night. I love how my hair is just flowing around~

Next time we go out to eat at that place, I am totally going to try and finangle myself into the cute guy’s section!


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