2011 Resolutions

Better late than never right? Actually I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions because I feel like if you want to do something, you should just do it instead of waiting for the New Year. Also, whenever I make resolutions I forget what they are or just don’t do them…

This year, however, I wanna actually make a list of resolutions just because I want to see how much I can actually do. I mean if I’m only making 10 resolutions I should be able to get at least half of them done… in theory. ahaha

  1. Blog 2+ times a week – I already do this, but I want to keep it up. You never know, I might get a life or something and then this would be hard to do~
  2. Get into university – I’ve only got one application out there… so yeah. Let’s hope it works out.
  3. Make a Youtube video at least once a month – Yeah, haven’t made a video in quite a while haha! Uhm, I’m thinking of just making videos where I talk/rant about random stuff. What do you think? Have anything you feel like hearing me talk about?
  4. Keep in touch with my friends – right now this is super easy because I see them like every single day at school. But after high school? Maybe not so easy. I am determined to keep talking to them and hanging out and so forth. (even if they don’t want to. LOL)
  5. Get a job – no one wants to hire me… WTF?! Seriously if I’m working at somewhere, you will get 500x more customers just because people will want to see me. ahahaha~! If you know somewhere I can work (and don’t you dare say the street corner), leave a comment!
  6. Get my license – my family seriously has a million and four reasons why I can’t get my license atm. Like I’ve been asking for a year now, fml… And I don’t want to pay for my own because my older brother didn’t have to! Equal treatment please.
  7. Start being more outgoing – I’m actually such a shy person until I get to know someone. And then I don’t shut the fuck up. I feel like it’s such an effort to make conversation with someone I don’t know very well… but I’m going to do it because a bunch of people think I’m a flaming bitch and they don’t even know me! If they still think I’m a flaming bitch after I start being outgoing, whatever lah~ I’m still better looking LOL
  8. Become a better listener – like I said, I don’t shut the fuck up~ I want people to feel like they can tell me stuff too, because I hate it when I feel like I tell people things but they don’t share things with me. It would be nice to be trusted the way I trust people.
  9. Get ads/sponsors – it seems like so much work finding them… Especially because I don’t want to use Google Adsense or anything like that. If only there was a Nuffnang in Canada…
  10. Travel – I’ve never been outside of Canada… I’ve never been on a plane…. So lame lah~ The only place I ever travel to is the washroom, WTF! I want to broaden my horizons damnit!

Now that I wrote them all down it looks like so much work… /sigh. Wish me luck!


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  1. I think you’re right on! Just doing it, instead of waiting for the new year, is very important. I try to just start the goal instead of waiting…

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