Why are guys such cockteases?

Wasn’t it supposed to be women who played hard to get? These days I swear men are the ones spending their time devising ways to lead women on. It’s ridiculous!

I think that they have realized that there is a limited number of attractive males in the world and a surplus of attractive women. I mean, the ratio of attractive men to women is waaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion! So men are cock teasing US instead of us cock teasing THEM… wtf?!

They either lead us on, ignore us, or they make go and make themselves look less attractive just because they can.

Look at William Moseley! So. friggen. attractive. But then he goes and grows his hair out and looks like a scruffy hobo man. Disgust! I mean he’s totally being a cock tease, cause he knows he’s attractive but does he put the effort into maintaining attractive status? No.

It’s like the male equivalent of Natalie Portman shaving her hair off. But at least she had a reason to do it. There’s no reason for WM to be looking like this!

What are dudes like this?

Remember the good old days where women were the one being cock teases? Leading men on? It seems like those days are done… /sigh.



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