So, I made a bit of a fail YT video… geh. I’m not the biggest clown ’cause they just serve no purpose to me. And I hate talking to randoms.

I’m trying to find a better editing system, so bear with me. Right now, I’m testing stuff out so it’s kind of a failure. Whatever la. Crappy video > no video, right?

Anyways, I’m not too sure if I’m going to keep making videos actually. Not very many people watch them and, to be entirely honest, they are kind of difficult for me to do… I don’t really think I’m a naturally funny person per say. But I don’t know. If you like my videos, comment or something so that I’ll know people are watching! Otherwise, I think I’m going to end up pulling the plug. Or aborting my YT baby or something. lol wtf self?


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