The Internet is a scary, scary place.

People are creeeeeeeeeeeepy as fuck! Seriously, have you noticed?

Like there are so many ways to lurk someone. You can Google them, stalk them on Facebook/Twitter, or through e-mail, etc etc. It’s insane.

And they can find information about you that you don’t even post yourself. Some random could be running a fan site or a fake account or have posted info about you at sometime. That shit never disappears~

As someone who has creeped other people, I know how easy it is to do. And how much random stuff you could potentially find out if you were determined. It’s scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!

There are a bunch of other ways of being creepy too, though. Like perverts and shit.

I’ve always wanted a penpal. Always, always. It’s been my dream for the longest time. So when I discovered penpal making websites, I was so happy! I signed up and everything and was so excited to have penpals.

Some of them were so sketchy. The worst was this one guy who started talking about how beautiful I was and asking if I had a boyfriend and all that kind of stuff. He wanted to come visit my house and really really wanted me to go stay at his house… does this situation not scream RAPE at you?!

So I stopped replying to him and thought that would be the end of it. But, nope. He made different accounts on this website and still tried to talk to me. yeah…

He wasn’t a very smart creeper, though. He still used his same name and the information was the same… Like I wouldn’t figure that out or anything, wtffff.

So, in short, my hope of ever getting a decent penpal is on the cusp of death.


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  1. Oh, wow. This post scared the hell out of me. Maybe this is the reason why I like the book and movie adaptation of “I am Legend”. Being the only person and presumed last person in the world wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Creepy, yes, but barring some post-apocalyptic creature deciding to rip shit up, what would warrant any worry?

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