What have I been up to…?

In case you’ve been wondering what happened to me, I have some pictures of random life to show. Hurrah~

1. Rocking the wifebeater and boxers combo. I daresay I’d be a wonderful lazy husband type figure.

2. My grandma came back from the Phillipines and, like she does every year, she brought me back some underwear. I was pretty psyched just because that’s like the only present I get on a day that isn’t Christmas or my birthday.

When I opened the panties up… THEY WERE GRANNY PANTIES! wtfwtfwtf! They are huge! They come up to like right under my chest… SO UNATTRACTIVE! Honestly, I’d stay single for life if I had to wear them. Wtf was my grandma thinking?

3. I want a hat like this! Super cuuuuuuuuuuute! I really like it~

For some reason, whenever I wear hats, I feel like a lesbian. Don’t ask… it’s just a weird me quirk. I know that lesbians don’t necessarily all wear hats, but I guess subconsciously that’s what I think? I don’t know… wtf brain haha~


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