Easy Ways to Make Your Face Look Slimmer!

No one likes looking like a hippo. And if you’re like me, you’re too lazy to workout and food is too good to limit your eating. So here are some super easy, effortless ways to make your face look slimmer!

  1. Don’t chew a lot of super chewy food. So things like caramel, meat, toffee, and… GUM! Chewing works out the muscles in your jaws and all this excessive chewing can make these muscles get bigger. This’ll make your jaw look bigger, which will make your face look bigger. So choose foods that are easier to chew and use mints instead of gum.
  2. Don’t eat foods with a lot of sodium. Salt causes your body to retain water. This means that you’ll look more puffy and bigger because you’ve got so much water in you.
  3. Use bronzer! If you apply bronzer under your cheekbones and along your jawline, it’ll create the illusion of a smaller face. The shadows will make you look slimmer and more defined.

Easy right? Good luck with your new, slimmer looking face!


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