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The Last Wedding

Why is the title “The Last Wedding”? Because I’m not going to another wedding for a long, long time. But more on that later.

It was my… I honestly have no idea what our relation actually is but it was someone in the family’s wedding. The theme was pink, white, and black. And I think there was a little bit of Disney thrown in there somewhere. At least the pianist was playing Disney’s Greatest Hits when I got there.

I’ve decided that the best parts of weddings are the vows. I’m not exactly religious, so sitting there listening to all the God stuff bores me. But vows? They are so… romantic! Especially the hand written ones. If I ever get married, I am making the dude write his own vows whether he wants to or not.

The groomsmen got to wear these custom made Nike Airs. They are actually nice shoes! So much better looking than the ones that the bridesmaids had to wear~ I didn’t even take a picture of their shoes…

The reception was at a country club, I think. To be entirely honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going. I was busy primping #vainkid

Anyways, on to my story about why i am not going to another wedding for a long time. I went to go get my food and then I was heading back to the table. I had to walk around the buffet table because there was a shit load of people in the line up behind me.

Liddat. So I had to go around in front of the doors. Guess what happened as soon as I walked by? Yeah. I got completely nailed and my food got ALL over my dress. #FML MAX

It looked really bad because it was white sauce… And my dress was partially black, so it all showed… And it smelled like fish…

People who didn’t see my epic fail must of thought that I had some sort quick with someone with a nasty STD. yum, just the impression I love to give people!


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3 days of clothes

So I recently came into a shitload of clothing. All for free.Some of it I came by legitimately – my grandma gave it to me. But the rest of it is a little more sketchy. Not like illegal sketchy, just morally sketchy.

My brother’s girlfriend was moving houses or some shit liddat, I can’t really remember, and she stored a ton of her clothes at my house. She ended up moving to another, her and my brother broke up, and her clothes were still at my house…

She never asked for them back and she didn’t take them with her to her new city, so… I ended up taking them. I mean if this shit’s going to be sitting in my house and no one’s going to claim it, I want it. Who doesn’t want free clothes?!

So Miranda, if you’re reading this, sorry. I’m jacking your clothes!

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New Camera!

So a long time ago I blogged about how I wanted a new camera but I was too ghetto to get one. Guess what?! I got one!

It’s an Olympus E-PL1 and it’s toooooooooo sick! I made my cat camwhore for me since I was too lazy to fashion myself up. So here’s a few pictures taken with the new camera!

I’ll go on a camwhore festival later~! I had a fashion revolution, so look forward to it!

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Bimbo Time

It’s been a while since I’ve bimbo’d, so here we gooooooooooo

If you look closely, you can see a couple of my Harry Potter pictures… Nerd life! It’s depressing that I never got to go to Hogwarts or have magic or do anything ba with my youth…

I got the hat as a gift and, to be honest, I was pissed when I got it. it was covered with fur/lint/hair and there weren’t any tags or anything… So I knew it was something that the person had already used and just wanted to get rid of, so they gave it to me as a present. I’m fine with that since I don’t really know her that well, but she could’ve fucking cleaned it a little. I think it’s rude to gift someone a present that’s covered with shit. Serious slap to the face.

She’s always been a giant bitch to me and I have no idea why. Like I’m sorry that you’re old, single, and jobless and you feel the need to take it out on some random person. I may not be the nicest person in the world, but at least I don’t vent my anger out on people I don’t even know very well.

I’m going to think of something super intelligent for my next post, so that it’ll counteract the bimbo-ness of this post.

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kuro no kaminoke

A bunch of random photos from after I dyed my hair! I’m digging the black~ Even though I love my natural hair color, I think it’ll be a long time before I got back to it. I’m thinking blonde/light brown for the next time I dye. What do you think?

1. Side ponies are my new fave. They’re so much more chic than just a regular center pony tail, yeah?

2. I was at some lingerie / bathing suit store cause bfrench93 needed a new swim suit. She’s going to Galapagos over Spring Break… lucky bitch!

3. Stuffed animals are sooooo cute! I wanna collection of them so that when I’m old and #foreveralone I can pretend they’re my friends.

4. Went shopping in Chinatown. I love going there, even though downtown is so sketch. I made the circle scarf fyi!


6. I don’t really know what exactly I was trying to do here… be posh? chic? cool? wtf la. At least my nails are painted nicely~


8. I MADE A HAIR BOW! I am ridiculously proud of this! Super cute right? It made me feel like Minnie Mouse or something. Black hair = cute overload la.

Maybe I’ll make a hair tutorial on the hair bow. What do you think?




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What have I been up to…?

In case you’ve been wondering what happened to me, I have some pictures of random life to show. Hurrah~

1. Rocking the wifebeater and boxers combo. I daresay I’d be a wonderful lazy husband type figure.

2. My grandma came back from the Phillipines and, like she does every year, she brought me back some underwear. I was pretty psyched just because that’s like the only present I get on a day that isn’t Christmas or my birthday.

When I opened the panties up… THEY WERE GRANNY PANTIES! wtfwtfwtf! They are huge! They come up to like right under my chest… SO UNATTRACTIVE! Honestly, I’d stay single for life if I had to wear them. Wtf was my grandma thinking?

3. I want a hat like this! Super cuuuuuuuuuuute! I really like it~

For some reason, whenever I wear hats, I feel like a lesbian. Don’t ask… it’s just a weird me quirk. I know that lesbians don’t necessarily all wear hats, but I guess subconsciously that’s what I think? I don’t know… wtf brain haha~

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My 2010

In 2010 I…

got a cat! Thought he was a girl, so I named him Myrtle… But then he turned out to be a boy. FAIL!
Finished Grade 11. Started Grade 12. Applied for University (omfgomfgomfg).

Got completely and utterly smashed. For the first time! (teen drinking is very bad)
Moved into a new room. Older brother moved out of the house. Moped around for a while, until I realized life was a lot easier, and more drama free, without him around. (I still love him. He’s just a pain in the ass)

Had a creepy penpal, who kept talking about how pretty I was and asking if I could go see him/him come see me… Stopped talking to him. He made other accounts and still tried to talk to me. (how creepy… fuck.)

Found a boyfriend
… or not.

Got hit on at a bowling alley. Spent waaaay too much money on bowling that night. (so desperate lah)

Went to a music festival. (I know it looks like I’m giving the Nazi salute, but I’m actually giving the peace sign. LOL irony)

Fulfilled my dream of going skating with someone on Valentine’s Day. It was a girl… /sigh.

Made a buffoon out myself over exchange students. (asian fetish, ahaha) Cried when the exchange students went back to Japan.

Learned how to cut my own bangs.
Grew a pair and made up with someone who I had fought with. Sent a message on Facebook to an incredibly attractive Australian dude who I met at this camp thing. Also sent a message to my dad.

Went to a high school football game. Spent the entire time checking out boys. (ugly picture lol)
Had a friend attempt to matchmake me with an Asian, with my approval. Discovered the Asian already had a girfriend and cockteased me anyways. (can you be cockteased if you don’t have one?)

Fell in love with Glee. And Pretty Little Liars.

Turned 17.
Raided IKEA with my friends at my party.
Developed an irrational fear of… STOMA! (you know those holes in people’s (smoker’s) necks that they breathe out of… gah)

Saw Harry Potter 7. Bought all of the movies for myself. And Star Wars. Developed a massive crush on Han Solo. ♥

Dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. Went trick-or-treating for the last time. Ever. Got embarrassed at getting candy from extremely attractive boys my age.
Became a camwhore. And discovered the magic of Photoshop. Also discovered that my chest is bigger than I thought it was. (blew my mind.)

Went on a road trip. Left a waitress a $0.03 tip. (such an asshole, geez) Bought underwear from a guy my age at a dollar store.

Got a Twitter and a Youtube. Started a blog.

Fack. A lot happened this year and the sad thing is that I only remember like half of what happened. Memory is a bitch that way, hey?

I’m super psyched for the new year and I hope that you all seize the opportunity to turn a fresh leaf and all that kind of stuff. Have a great New Years everyone! Eat lots, laugh lots, and take lots of pictures! (because, if you’re like me, you won’t remember anything if you don’t) (and you’re a camwhore, lol)

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