Bimbo Time

It’s been a while since I’ve bimbo’d, so here we gooooooooooo

If you look closely, you can see a couple of my Harry Potter pictures… Nerd life! It’s depressing that I never got to go to Hogwarts or have magic or do anything ba with my youth…

I got the hat as a gift and, to be honest, I was pissed when I got it. it was covered with fur/lint/hair and there weren’t any tags or anything… So I knew it was something that the person had already used and just wanted to get rid of, so they gave it to me as a present. I’m fine with that since I don’t really know her that well, but she could’ve fucking cleaned it a little. I think it’s rude to gift someone a present that’s covered with shit. Serious slap to the face.

She’s always been a giant bitch to me and I have no idea why. Like I’m sorry that you’re old, single, and jobless and you feel the need to take it out on some random person. I may not be the nicest person in the world, but at least I don’t vent my anger out on people I don’t even know very well.

I’m going to think of something super intelligent for my next post, so that it’ll counteract the bimbo-ness of this post.


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Easy Ways to Make Your Face Look Slimmer!

No one likes looking like a hippo. And if you’re like me, you’re too lazy to workout and food is too good to limit your eating. So here are some super easy, effortless ways to make your face look slimmer!

  1. Don’t chew a lot of super chewy food. So things like caramel, meat, toffee, and… GUM! Chewing works out the muscles in your jaws and all this excessive chewing can make these muscles get bigger. This’ll make your jaw look bigger, which will make your face look bigger. So choose foods that are easier to chew and use mints instead of gum.
  2. Don’t eat foods with a lot of sodium. Salt causes your body to retain water. This means that you’ll look more puffy and bigger because you’ve got so much water in you.
  3. Use bronzer! If you apply bronzer under your cheekbones and along your jawline, it’ll create the illusion of a smaller face. The shadows will make you look slimmer and more defined.

Easy right? Good luck with your new, slimmer looking face!

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Fortune Tellers

So on the weekend, I went to go and get my fortune told. I had a lot of fun and it was really informative, but first of all I just have to say… it’s expensive as fuck! Like there were some packages that were like $100+

Do people really need life counseling THAT badly? It’s like if you have no friends, you could buy some with that money. If you’re ugly, you could buy a shitload of makeup with that money. If you’re single, you could buy a mail order with that money.

Anyways, I got the cheapest package thing ’cause I’m ghetto liddat. And I’m 17. It’s not like I’m going through some huge crisis that requires an in depth fortune telling. So I got my Tarot Cards done and my palm read.

I don’t really want to give the world a huge description about my future or w/e, but I just have one thing to tell (and I think it’s pretty damn exciting) . . .

wait for it. . .

I WON’T BE #FOREVERALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I was unreasonably excited when the fortune man told me that! But I don’t really want to hope too much or anything because he probably misread or something and he really meant to say that I’ll always be single.

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kuro no kaminoke

A bunch of random photos from after I dyed my hair! I’m digging the black~ Even though I love my natural hair color, I think it’ll be a long time before I got back to it. I’m thinking blonde/light brown for the next time I dye. What do you think?

1. Side ponies are my new fave. They’re so much more chic than just a regular center pony tail, yeah?

2. I was at some lingerie / bathing suit store cause bfrench93 needed a new swim suit. She’s going to Galapagos over Spring Break… lucky bitch!

3. Stuffed animals are sooooo cute! I wanna collection of them so that when I’m old and #foreveralone I can pretend they’re my friends.

4. Went shopping in Chinatown. I love going there, even though downtown is so sketch. I made the circle scarf fyi!


6. I don’t really know what exactly I was trying to do here… be posh? chic? cool? wtf la. At least my nails are painted nicely~


8. I MADE A HAIR BOW! I am ridiculously proud of this! Super cute right? It made me feel like Minnie Mouse or something. Black hair = cute overload la.

Maybe I’ll make a hair tutorial on the hair bow. What do you think?




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Y U NO guy

Here’s a summary of my life right now using Y U NO guy…

Ah… I feel so much less angsty after doing this! Y U NO DO YOUR OWN Y U NO GUY?

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Making changes

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! To be entirely hones, I don’t really understand the point of today. And I’m too lazy to Google the answer.

So I dyed my hair~ I just felt like I needed a change in my life. You know how girls always change their hair after a relationship fail or whenever something drastic happens?

Well, I didn’t really have a relationship fail and nothing drastic happened, but I did it anyways. ahaha! There’s a lot of stuff that I haven’t really been liking about myself lately, so I felt like changing the way I looked would be a catalyst to change the way I’ve been acting. Make sense? Probably not, but that’s what was going on in my brain. Or I just went emo. Both are valid reasons~

My point is that I’ve always felt like changing the way that I look has made me change a lot of aspects about myself in the past. Like when you have darker hair you feel more sexy and mysterious and when you have lighter hair you feel cuter and more fun. It can also make you feel more confident and stuff like that. It’s kind of like this reset button on life. A chance to reinvent ourselves?

It’s kind of weird because after I dyed my hair more people started talking to me… I thought I looked like more of a bitch with dark hair, but I guess other people are finding it more approachable. Or I just suffered a drastic personality change after I went black and now people like me. Idk.

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Rules for Friends?

I’ve never really know what behavior is alright for friends to use. It’s like this giant murky area to me. And sometimes I wonder what exactly the rule/limits for friendship are.

Are there certain things you shouldn’t do with friends? Things you shouldn’t tell them? Lines you shouldn’t cross? Are there different rules for guy friends and girl friends?

Sometimes I just wonder if I’m being a proper friend. I mean, if I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have any friends, but still. I just wonder.

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