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Easy Ways to Make Your Face Look Slimmer!

No one likes looking like a hippo. And if you’re like me, you’re too lazy to workout and food is too good to limit your eating. So here are some super easy, effortless ways to make your face look slimmer!

  1. Don’t chew a lot of super chewy food. So things like caramel, meat, toffee, and… GUM! Chewing works out the muscles in your jaws and all this excessive chewing can make these muscles get bigger. This’ll make your jaw look bigger, which will make your face look bigger. So choose foods that are easier to chew and use mints instead of gum.
  2. Don’t eat foods with a lot of sodium. Salt causes your body to retain water. This means that you’ll look more puffy and bigger because you’ve got so much water in you.
  3. Use bronzer! If you apply bronzer under your cheekbones and along your jawline, it’ll create the illusion of a smaller face. The shadows will make you look slimmer and more defined.

Easy right? Good luck with your new, slimmer looking face!


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I feel like I have a ton of scarves. They are like the ultimate fashion accessory: they’re warm and cute. When it’s fucking freezing outside I don’t want to freeze my ass off, so I wear scarves. It annoys me so much when people go outside looking like shit once the temperature reaches the negatives. PEOPLE CAN STILL SEE YOU! Idiots.

1. Penguin fashion model. Cute max! I love love love penguin toys/stuffed animals~ I only have a few penguin things though… Maybe I’ll have to turn into a crazy penguin lady and buy more stuff, lol

2. Got this scarf for Christmas. It’s super cute and it’s the only white scarf I have. But it’s itchy as fuck! It makes me want to rip off my skin wherever it touches me. I wanna wear it so bad! But it’s just too uncomfortable :< depression.

3. Stole this one from my mom. She used to always ask for it back, but I think she’s just given up now. Ahahaha so if you ever want new clothes just jack some from someone and ignore them when they ask for it back~ Your friends and family might hate you but hey! you’d have a nice wardrobe!

4. I like stuff with snowflakes on it, but I’m beginning to hate snow. So ironic la~

5. I think this is like the only thing I wear that has stripes on it. I feel like stripes make me look like a fucking hippo, ok? And no one wears vertical stripes ’cause that just looks weird. The only people who can wear horizontal stripes and look good are like people with no boobs/hips. A.k.a men. Skinny men. Or like super model women.

6. LOVE this scarf! It’s so warm and it’s super long (twss) This is one of the only scarves that I bought with my own money. Most of the other ones were gifts and stuff like that.

7. Scarf for breast cancer! Cute and for a good cause! I actually didn’t know that it was for breast cancer but then I was making a cardi and there was the symbol on the bottom of the scarf.

Speaking of breast cancer, I am so scared to get my boobs checked or w/e, cause that’s some random person feeling up your chest… I know it has to be done but it just sounds so awkward la! and embarrassing. Gehhhhhh

8. I always want to wear my scarves like this, but I always feel like people who wear religious headgear like this will think I’m making fun of them or something. Maybe if I’m ever famous  I’ll be able to do it cause famous people wear scarves like this sometimes, right?

9. This is the pink version of the scarf above. Both scarves are like double sided with like different shades of that color, which is pretty sweet cause it’s like a 2 in 1 deal. And it’s not like tacky 2 tones where it’s like 2 completely different colors or something

10. My favorite way to wear a scarf lately! It looks more intricate than just a looped scarf or a knot or w/e la. This scarf has the nicest shade, so niceeeee!

I remember reading somewhere that women wearing red get asked out more often or something like that. Cause apparently men associate red with romance and sexy times and all that jazz. I don’t really know if this is true or what, but idk if you’re really desperate or something maybe wearing red will help your cause?

But don’t blame me if no one asks you out ok? ‘Cause it’s not my fault la. Maybe you’re just ugly or something… just kidding! No one hate me.

11. I don’t actually wear this one as a fashion scarf. It’s more of an outdoors when it’s freezing scarf.

12. Same goes for this one. It actually came as part of a hat-scarf set but the hat was ugly as balls, so I got rid of it.

13. The print on this one is weird, but I like it anyways. I don’t really have any purple clothing, so this is nice.

I have a gray scarf that’s like this, but it’s checker print. I can’t find it, so you’ll just have to imagine! I also have another gray scarf that’s m.i.a, but it’s also an outdoorsy one since it’s made of feltish material or something super heavy like that~

If you want to know how to put the scarf on like I did in the pictures, just leave a comment and I’ll reply ^^

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How to turn a scarf into a cardigan

If you remember I wore a scarf as a cardi on New Years and I decided that I might as well share my way of doing it. It’s super easy and looks pretty dece after wards. So if you need a cardigan and don’t have enough money (or are too lazy) to buy one, here a quickie solution!

What you’ll need:

  • scarf (any scarf that isn’t square. and remember: the wider your scarf, the longer your cardi)
  • pins

Fold your scarf in half and mark where the middle is. You can just use your fingers as a placeholder~

Fold the ends in so that they meet in the middle.

Pin the ends together and to the back of the scarf. I prefer to use two pins because it’s sturdier but you can you however many you want. You can also put them parallel, like I did, or put them in an X shape. Whatever floats your boat.

If you really dig your scarf as a cardigan, you can even sew it together. I just like to pin it because it means I can still use it as a scarf too. The more ways you can wear something, the better.

And viola! You’ve got a chic new cardi to wear around.

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New Years! (and camwhoring)

Happy 2011! It’s so weird having to write that instead of 2010. If you’re like me you’re going to have to use a shitload of white-out/erasers for the rest of the month since you’ll still be writing 2010 instead of 2011.

I ended up going on another camwhore spree, my first of the new year!

1. Like I said in my Holiday Haul video, I wore this tiger striped sequin dress. I got it on boxing day and it was 40% off or something like that (sales = awesome). The cardigan isn’t actually a cardigan. It’s a scarf! I jedi mind-tricked people into thinking it was a cardi.

2. I love taking pictures with a mirror behind the camera because you can see what you look like. Makes life that much easier, I’m telling you.

3. I took a bunch of these weird indie looking photos.

4. My hair always makes this weird necklace thing. It’s so weird and I never notice it until I take a picture/look in a mirror. Ninja hair.

5. Love how my makeup look here!

6. Took this at my friend’s house. her house seriously has the best lighting ever. I look so tan in it~ I try to take pictures in it whenever I’m there cause I like it so much. I think she was mixing some drinks while I was camwhoring, ahaha!

7. Blurry, but whatever lah. I think it’s cute.

8. ♥mirrors

9. I prefer wearing this dress with the cardigan cause sequins are itchy as fuck. They make me wanna rip my skin off so I try to keep them from directly touching any part of my body.

10. In case you wanted to see me all glammed down.

I plan on having a kickass 2011, I hope you do too! ^^

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Makeup Challenge: Day 29

Does my room not look like a giant shithole? So ghetto lah! But I do enjoy my Harry Potter wall decorations~ Eye heart hairy ♥

What I wore:

  • cover up, foundation, and powder
  • brown, bronze, and white eye shadows
  • black gel liner (I finally found it!!)
  • blush
  • mascara

OMG tomorrow is the last day…! I don’t know whether to be excited or now, haha! I think I’m gonna do something extreme, so you better be ready!


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Makeup Challenge: Day 28

What I wore:

  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • blush
  • white, pink, and black eye shadows
  • green liner
  • mascara


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Makeup Challenge: Days 26 and 27

Day 26

I hope you guys had a great boxing day and got lots of things at cheap prices! I, unfortunately didn’t get to go shopping since I got dragged to an event with my step-family. /sigh. I can barely stand doing things with my own family, let alone with a bunch of people who I barely know.

What I wore:

  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • mascara
  • black stick liner (I lost my gel one somewhere in my room :< )
  • light and dark brown eye shadows (I know you can’t really tell. fack you, camera!)
  • highlighter

Day 27

The hat I’m wearing is my new favorite piece of winter clothing. It’s so cute! And it’s one of those things that you can wear with practically any outfit. Also, it was only 5 dollars! I adore it.

What I wore:

  • sage, light green, gold, brown and white eye shadows
  • cover up, foundation, powder
  • mascara



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