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3 days of clothes

So I recently came into a shitload of clothing. All for free.Some of it I came by legitimately – my grandma gave it to me. But the rest of it is a little more sketchy. Not like illegal sketchy, just morally sketchy.

My brother’s girlfriend was moving houses or some shit liddat, I can’t really remember, and she stored a ton of her clothes at my house. She ended up moving to another, her and my brother broke up, and her clothes were still at my house…

She never asked for them back and she didn’t take them with her to her new city, so… I ended up taking them. I mean if this shit’s going to be sitting in my house and no one’s going to claim it, I want it. Who doesn’t want free clothes?!

So Miranda, if you’re reading this, sorry. I’m jacking your clothes!


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Wearing PJs out of the house…

Why do people do it? I’d like to know where they got the idea that it’s ok to go out in their pajamas. Because it’s not.

The only time, ever, that it’s alright to wear them outside of the privacy of your home is when there is an emergency. And I’m not talking about an I-have-nothing-to-wear-so-I’m-gonna-wear-this emergency. I’m talking about a my-house-is-on-fire-and-I-have-3-seconds-to-get-out-before-I-am-burnt-to-a-crisp-and-end-up-looking-like-2-face emergency.

Nobody wants to see you in your pajamas. They are for HOME USE ONLY. If it was alright to wear pjs in public, then there wouldn’t be a pajama section would there? Fuck.

It’s so sloppy and lazy. Not to mention it’s visually unappealing to see people roaming around in pajamas. I mean, maybe when you were like 5 years old and it was PJ day at school it was cute, but now? No way in hell.

Save the sight of your sorry ass in pjs for private viewing. I’m talking friends, family, maybe your significant other. Not the entire population of the city. Thanks.

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