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I think it was like -20C here or something like that today. Not including the windchill. So, it was fucking cold. And the snow is like 4+ feet in some places.

Ridiculous. Especially when it’s piled on the side of the road and you have to climb up that shit to get to the sidewalk. God, I hate winter.

1. I stayed home from school today (such a skipper but whatever lah it’s not like anything important happened), so my mom and I decided to get some pizza. I got all winter geared up so that I could walk to the pizza place cause it costs extra money for delivery and I’m cheap like that.

2. Got the earmuffs over Christmas break. They were only like $5! They’re super cute and warm~

3. Found a Christmas tree on my way to get pizza. I think it’s such a waste to cut down a tree just to display it for a month and then throw it away. Like that tree could have like for like 70 more years or something, but nope you cut it down for your house. Now it’s dead and useless. Depressing.

That’s why I use a fake tree. Sure it isn’t the same as a real one, but I feel less guilty about using it. Plus it’s better for Mother Earth and all that jazz.

4. I was camwhoring in this alley thing ’cause I like natural lighting. I think it looks so awesome. It’s not that anyone really looks out into the alley, or out their front door for that matter.

I realized this after I found out there were these goodlooking boys in my neighborhood. For like a week, I’d walk by their house hoping that they’d see me and fall in love. LOL so lame. But yeah, moral of the story is that people rarely look outside when they’re in their houses. Unless they’re creepers like Mrs Dursley in HP or my mom.

5. This is my favorite.

6. Sad story. After I trekked out to order my pizza in the freezing cold, the place was closed… WTF?!?! I was so bummed. I was this close to getting my pizza only to have it ripped away from me. And I didn’t want to have to walk all the way back there so I just gave up on my pizza. For now.

7. Still bummed about not getting my pizza. I love pizza. I can down like 3/4 of one to myself in one sitting… so unhealthy, but so fucking delicious.

8. My camera got all foggy when I got back inside. I HATE when glasses do this. So annoying.

9 + 10.

11. I always make mustaches with my hair. So attractive, hey?

12.  Decided to make some noodles for supper, since pizza was no longer an option. I threw every Asian sauce in my fridge into this. It was actually so delicious~

Usually the food I cook at school or at someone else’s house tastes good, but when I cook at home, it’s gross. But, not this time! Woo

13. Looking crazy while eating my food. Om nom nom.


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Gingerbread huts

The other day I went over to a friend’s house to make gingerbread huts. Yes, huts not houses. I have this weird habit of calling houses huts… Hence, ginger huts.

I just thought I’d make a quick post and show off my decorating skills!

The before shots! We got a kit since it’s easier than baking our own gingerbread. My friend also bought more candy ’cause we’re fat kids like that.

The front of the finished hut,

Close ups of the front. The ginger kid back there looks like some rapist who’s about to take the snowman somewhere for a “good time.”

My friend decorated the front of the hut and one side of it. She also did the about-to-get-raped snowman.

I decorated this side, which is why it gets a bigger picture ahaha!

I also decorated the back (that probably no one will end up seeing lol). My favorite part is the door. It looks so log cabin esque, no?

Us with the finished product! It was so much fun to make~ Usually I’d say something about eating it, but I never eat gingerbread huts, or houses, after I’ve made them. I only eat the candy and the rest gets chucked in the bin.

Also, I’ll be making a post about Christmas in the next few days, so look forward to that! ^^

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Eating Vietnamese food!

I had no intention to go out today (or any other time during my Christmas break), but my dear mother bribed me with food. She said that if I went out with her and my younger brother I’d get fed. So, obviously, I went. I haven’t been able to really eat anything good for the past little while because everything in my house is “saved for Christmas.”

Pah! Why do people I barely even know get to eat all the good food in my house and I’m stuck with friggen instant noodles? Just the thought of making the instant noodles makes me want to barf these days…

Anyways, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. For an appetizer we got salad rolls.

Me being a fat kid~

The rolls came with this peanut sauce and fish sauce on the side. I love the peanut sauce! It’s so good… My younger brother kept complaining about the smell of the fish sauce though…

Actually he kept complaining about everything… So annoying lah! He wanted a grilled cheese, which they didn’t have cause it’s a Vietnamese place, then he wanted chicken strips, which they also didn’t have. After that, he just went on this whining rampage. I wanted to just dump the entire thing of fish sauce on his head… but that would be a waste of sauce.

My mom also got wonton soup as an appetizer since it came with her meal. The best part about wonton soup has to be the wontons, hands down. I jacked one of them before my mom noticed, ahaha fat kid.

Her actually meal was grilled beef with rice, vegetables, and a piece of chicken. The beef was so nummy! Even my younger brother condescended to eat some of it, which is saying something.

I got Bun Ba Mau or grilled chicken, pork, and spring roll on vermicelli. I get this like every time I go there cause it’s so good. But next time I think I’m gonna try a soup or something just to change things up.


I ate my food like a G6. ♥ you Vietnam.

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Eating bulgogi!

Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas break, so my friends and I decided to go out for dinner and then hang out after wards. I was so pumped because we were going to this Korean restaurant that I really like.

Left to right: Bailey, Sarah, Lindsay, me

Whenever we go out for dinner as a group of friends, I’ve noticed that we always go to eat at white people food places. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that even if I want to eat somewhere else we end up at a white food place since I’m the minority and my friends are white. Which means that I get overruled like every single time. It gets tiring, you know?

Anyways, so we went to this restaurant called the “Bulgogi House.” It was so. freaking. yummy. I think I know that I ate a lot more than I should have but I just couldn’t help myself.

We all got kimchi and bean sprout salads as a side. I think I was the only person who ate any, since I was totally hogging them. Ahaha~ I was hungry, ok?

I’m not really sure what  the names of what Sarah and Lindsay got are. But, Sarah got chicken fried rice and Lindsay got some sort of noodle.

Me and Bailey decided to go halfsies on our food, so I ordered Dak Bulgogi (barbecue chicken) and she ordered Beef Bulgogi. So good! It was a lot of food, so I was surprised that we managed to finish both dishes. Mmm.

After we ate our plates looked like this:

Sarah went kind of OCD and picked all of the vegetables out of her rice when she was finished. Then she shaped it into some sort of weird ball-less penis shaped thing… Crazy girl, haha.

After we ate, we went to Bailey’s house to play some games and mooch around. I ended up sleeping over at her house. Although I don’t really know if you could call it sleeping over, since I slept for maybe 2.5 hours max. We were up playing games until 6ish in the morning. What a pair of boys.


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Damn you, food!

I love food. Who doesn’t love food? It’s so. friggen. good. Unless, of course, it’s bad.

This week I have been eating SO MUCH. It’s insane. As soon as I get home from school, I start eating and I don’t really stop until I’m sleeping. What a fat ass, hey? There’s just so much snack food around me that it’s impossible not to keep eating. I just don’t have the will power!

Maybe I should start cooking actual meals, since my mom never cooks anything for me. I had to stop doing it before because I didn’t have the money to keep buying ingredients… I still don’t have the money to buy ingredients, but I suppose I could find a way around that. Cooking is just so much effort sometimes. But food = ♥.

Anyways, I’m not too sure why I’ve been eating so much lately. Maybe I’m going through a growth spurt. Around the waist. Also known as getting fat.

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