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So Osama Bin Laden is dead

As like every person in North America knows, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

It bothers me so much to see all of the people who are CELEBRATING his death. People are ridiculously happy that the big bad boogeyman under their bed named Osama. I saw a newspaper the other day with a picture of his face and the caption “ROT IN HELL!” Uh… aren’t newspapers supposed to be objective?

What exactly makes people think that it’s all right to be happy about the fact that someone was MURDERED?

I don’t support what he did at all. But that doesn’t justify all the happiness about his death. He was just fighting for what he thought was right. Those were his beliefs, his morality. No yours or mine. And what makes our beliefs the right ones?

Why are people so jacked about his death?! Seriously. He had a family too. He had people who cared about him too. And now he’s dead and these people don’t have him anymore.

What if your son or husband or friend was murdered? And I was happy over that fact? He could have been the biggest asshat in the world, but that doesn’t give me the right to blatantly rejoice over the fact that he’s dead.


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Seeing someone you know one the internet: weird or not?

Earlier today, my friend sent me a link to a YouTube video. In the video was someone who goes to our school. Neither of us have ever talked to him or anything, but we do know him by face.

I was really shocked to find out that someone else at our school was on the internet. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, because it’s not like I’m the only person out there with a computer, camera, and way too much free time. But still, I was shocked.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that his video was weird. Just plain weird. He was cross dressing, and dancing, and bouncing up and down on people, and kissing. It was just a whole lot of visual spam. Weird, freaky visual spam.

I found it strange that this kid, who seemed normal-ish in person, had this odd YouTube life going on. And now I’m thinking that it’s weird that I have this secretive internet life going on too. Although, I’m not cross dressing or videotaping myself in the shower or anything like that.

It’s just strange to see someone who you know on the internet. In my head, I guess being on the internet equals some degree of fame. Which isn’t true at all, but there it is.

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How well can you ever know another person?

Is it possible to understand someone completely? I think that it’s impossible to do so. People are constantly changing, which makes it difficult to ever really know them. Obviously some things will stay the same throughout a person’s life, but there are so many more things about them that will change. You can know someone for their entire life, yet they will still have the capacity to surprise you and act in ways that you never imagined.

I find it a little bit depressing, actually. Because, regardless of how hard I try, I will never really know someone entirely. There will always be secrets that they have, stories I’ll never be told, and actions that I will never be able to comprehend.

The human race is pretty incredible in the sense that we can lie. We can become anyone we want to be simply by saying it. It’s easy to lie and it’s easy to fool other people into thinking what you want them to. I’ve lied, and will continue to lie until the day that I die. Which makes me wonder how much of what other people tell me is the truth. Which makes me wonder again if I really know them.

There are so many variables and factors in the equation that is a relationship between two people. We change. We lie. We keep secrets. We can’t tell another person all of our life experiences.

So, how well can you ever know another person?

I think that, no matter how close you are to some one else, there will always be a distance between you. In a way it’s comforting,  since there are things about myself that I don’t want anyone else to know about. But it’s also kind of sad in a way, since there will always be things that are unknown and unpredictable.

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